Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I had spent quite a few years trying to prevent squirrels from getting at the bird seed in our feeders. I tried all sorts of things, but finally came up with this design and I haven't had a single squirrel get to the bird seed since. The key is the stove pipe baffle below the feeder tray - it is tall enough that the squirrel cannot jump over it to the tray, and the pipe has a large enough diameter such that the squirrel cannot climb it. The forms that keep the baffle centered on the pole are toward the top and middle of the pipe, and I have found mainly that the squirrel will climb the post up inside the stove pipe and stay there for a few moments, come back down and leave. The top tray easily accommodates a tube feeder. For the youtube video of the build checkout my 'Project Videos' link above - I also made an instructable for this...

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