In 2002 I had quite a few content based websites ( mostly geared toward AIM content online that contain some basic elements - user access, profiles, forums for discussion, commenting, content uploading, etc... I had a software platform that I had created at the time which I was using to quickly develop additional content sites as they came to mind. MindViz.com was originally going to be the frontend for my software company with which I was planning on marketing, and selling, the software platform which I called MV:.spec.

In Jan. 2004, it became evident that I was spending most of my time working on the various websites that I had created with MV:.spec, and decided to switch MindViz.com to act as a network portal for all the websites I was running at the time.

In July, 2004 it was quickly becoming evident that having 14 different websites, all of which provide social services to their users separately, was becoming a bit impractical to manage. I decided it would be a good time to move all the social services from the individual websites to MindViz.com. At this point MindViz provided User Access via a single MindViz ID, Forums, Messaging, Custom Profiles, etc... for all of the networked websites.

By Feb. 2005 I had built out a total of 24 sites / services for members of the MindViz Network. MindViz.com itself was expanding as a feature rich social platform with on site instant messaging, buddy lists, custom themes for profiles, member polls, member photo & pet photo rating, and games.

Up until mid-2008 I continued working on / improving the site. The venture was profitable but never enough to live off of. Ideally by 2008 / 2009 my risk taking days were pretty much over and I began focusing on my family life instead.

The site is still online today, however the site no longer accepts new members. If you would like to gain access to the website I can provide you with a login, just drop me a message.

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