DC Motor Controller & Driver Files Online

This is just a quick post to let anyone who follows the blog know that the files for my DC Motor Controller & Driver project are now online here:

I’ve also added a new tab to the top blog menu called ‘Projects’ which I’ll be using for future projects – especially those that have files / source code / etc… that can be downloaded..

Anyways, that’s about it for now. I have some video of the Gingery 2-jaw chuck build that I’ll be putting together when I have a chance.



2 thoughts on “DC Motor Controller & Driver Files Online

  1. Welcome.
    Sorry for bad english – translator .
    Renew Seekers Your diy lathe and would like to use this system .
    I have a question – what maximum rpm can the system handle ?
    Is it possible to control the 4000 – 5000 rpm.
    Very please reply .
    Regards .

    • Hey Wojtek,

      No worries on the english. It really isn’t a matter of ‘RPM that the system can handle’, it’s more with regard to how powerful a motor can it handle. I’ve only tested it out on my 2.5hp treadmill motor that I use in my lathe. I limit the duty on my controller to no more than 75%, so at peak it has handled ~1.8kW without issue. Now, my treadmill motor as is can go 6,000 RPM, but I’m interested in torque and lower speed on my lathe, so I have 2 reduction pulleys which brings my overall RPM down to a maximum of 1,500 RPM.

      Basically, as the controller / driver is setup in the project files, it’s capable of driving a motor at ~160VDC ( rectified 120VAC ) @ 15A, or ~2.4kW. A fellow in the UK has updated some of the components in my design to work off of 220VAC, though the motor required less current to do the same work, and the overall power required was about the same.


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