Welcome and Intro…

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to look through my site / blog. Hopefully some of the information might be of use / interest to you.

My main motivation for creating this blog is to share the work I have done on various projects that have been of interest to me. It is my hope that I can not only provide information that is of some use to someone out there, but also to form a dialogue with other people in the community that share my interests such that they can provide their expertise in order for me to gain a better perspective on what I have been doing. That being said, feel free to comment on anything I’m posting, or to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to bounce an idea off someone.

A little information about myself. My name is Morgan, and I’m located outside of Burlington, VT on a 1/3 of an acre where I can entertain my desire to have a small backyard garden, chickens, etc… I graduated in 2003 with a BS in Computer Engineering from RIT, and have been working as a software engineering consultant since 2001. I also produced 20 somewhat websites independently from 2000 through mid-2008, which received a certain level of popularity but are no longer supported ( but still online ), as job and family have taken over my priorities – for a list of the sites feel free to take a look at ‘Project Photos > Website Projects’ if you are interested. Even though I have a background in CE, my main area of strength is software development. I have always been extremely fond of circuit design & microcontrollers, and try and work in those areas as much as I can as a hobby. So as a disclaimer, I do not in any which way claim to be an expert with regard to most of the projects I’ll be discussing in this blog, and even with the areas that I have a certain level of expertise, I continue to maintain a modest stance as one is always learning throughout ones life and career. So read the blog with a certain level of┬áskepticism, and if something sounds off and you care to, do some research for yourself and let me know if I’m off in any which way ( obviously that sounds like a lot of work, but mainly with regard to people looking at my blog for information to help them with their own projects ).

What to expect from the blog? Well, my interests are quite broad and I will bounce around as my interests shift ( for a good idea checkout the Project Photos section ). Also, with work and family ( baby #2 came along in 2012, yay! ) the frequency of posts could be quite inconsistent, and projects that I’m working on can seem extremely drawn out – for instance, my Lathe Project started in 2009 and I’m still working on it ( we had our first boy in 2009 ).

Finally, since I’m just starting the blog now I’ll be posting ‘recap’ entries for each major area that I have worked. My hope is that I will be able to bring everyone up to steam with where I’m at without making a post for each individual project I might have worked on in the past.


One thought on “Welcome and Intro…

  1. I ran across your videos on youtube. Thank you for sharing your experience. I thinking this year I will try to put a foundry together so at the moment I’m surfing around the web looking for how to videos and details for the most cost effective and least expensive method for achieving this task.
    Do you have another youtube or other video account that covers the foundry you built?

    Thanks again,

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